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Hi, Im Julie Szymanski, here is where I share my love of quilting, from designing to piecing to custom quilting on my hand guided Gammill Longarm machine. I also do Embroidery and various Arts and Crafts projects which I may occasionally share here as well.

A Little About Me

About Julie

Im Married, have a 25 year old Son,  live in a Albion Park, a suburb of Wollongong, NSW, Australia.

Here are some of the things I Love doing

Sewing & Embroidery
Arts & Crafts

Quilting is my Julie-Profile-WebPassion, from designing to piecing, to longarm quilting, As soon as I  either see a quilt I want to make or I design my own, Im already thinking about the different ways I could quilt it and drawing those ideas in sketch pads.

I specialise in custom quilting, I love the design process of creating custom quilting designs for each quilt to compliment the quilt pattern and fabrics, however I also really enjoy  edge to edge, all over quilting.

I have a professional Gammill Vision quilting machine on a 14 foot frame so I can quilt all sizes, including king.  My work is all hand guided, free motion with a combination of rulers & templates. My aim is to work with you and your treasured quilt top and turn it into a work of art.

I have been sewing since home economics at school so thats 25 years, I took to it straight away and also did a fashion design course. Sewing is a huge part of my life and I Always have some project, well actually several projects going at the same time.

I have been doing Embroidery for over 10 years, I have taught classes in 2 quilt different shops and I also do it as part of my “other” job which is an extra bonus, its great doing things you love for work and pleasure

There is simply nothing better than having an idea and turning that into the planning stage of designing, and sometimes re-designing till it’s just right, then getting stuck into creating to come up with your very own finished product, Love it.

I have been known to have some idea at any given time, (even in bed)  so I go into the studio just so I can write it down, but instead I decide to give it just a quick try, and thats it, I’m in there for hours and hours until I have a finished item, they are actually the times when whatever the project may be always turn out the best ones.

Here are some of my favourites

  • Embroidery Designs

  • Quilting Designs

  • Quilting Patterns

  • Applique & Stitchery Designs

  • Various Sewing Patterns

  • Painting/Drawing Designs

  • Logo Design Creations

  • Web Design

Ok so its a fact, I don’t sit still, I have so many things apart from ones already mentioned that I love to do, again I have several things going at once so I switch back and forth between them, I’m never bored thats for sure, I actually always feel like theres not enough time in each day to do what I want to do.

Heres my short list of things I also do

  • Needle Felting

  • Applique

  • Zentangle

  • Textile & Fibre Arts

  • Painting, Traditional & Digital

  • Crochet & Knit

  • Drawing

  • Scrapbooking & Card Making

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